The late Bob Schmitt’s VFR analysis: Anastasia Romanov/aka “Evgenia Smetisko”

The original video analysis shared with this author and Ms. Delma Duarte, proprietress of El Patron Mexican Grill and Cantina at historic 198 Central Avenue, Albany, NY (where scenes from UAlbany professor and author, William Kennedy’s IRONWEED with Meryl Street and Jack Nicholson were filmed) was at one time available on You Tube. With his passing it has been taken down. It is offered here for the edification of the viewer. After showing us his analysis, Bob shared with us, “It is obviously the same person. It is the best analysis in my 30 years of experience.”

Interview: Alzheimer’s Association (Northeastern New York)

Interview with Elizabeth Smith-Boivin, Executive Director | Alzheimer’s Association Northeastern New York

WGXC, MONDAY MORNING SHOW, Monday, March 23, 2020 with Garrett Roche


The Northeastern New York Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association serves a 17-county area in the northeastern most corner of New York State. These counties cover over 15,000 square miles, representing approximately 30% of New York State, and are home to 1.5 million people. We estimate that more than 50,000 of the friends and neighbors living in this area have Alzheimer’s disease.


Elizabeth Smith-Boiven was a guest recently on the Monday Morning Show on WGXC 90.7 FM in Hudson, New York, live streamed on, appearing to discuss in depth many aspects of Alzheimer’s , its treatment, the role of caregivers, and even the implications for COVID19. J (Johannes) Froebel-Parker was pleased to submit interview questions for Mr. Roche to read, as the studio only allowed him to be present due to the current (as of this writing) COVID19 precautions.

The archive is accessible at: (beginning at 40:20)

Some of the questions which Ms. Smith-Boiven explained in detail with easy to understand language included

Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by memory loss, cognitive decline, and personality changes. Late-onset Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of Alzheimer’s disease, developing after age 65. Many factors, including genetics, can influence a person’s chances of developing the condition. What is the significance of finding the ε4 variant in the APOE gene associated with an increased risk of developing late-onset Alzheimer’s disease. What are the implications and what should one do if detected in a DNA analysis?


What is the role of lifestyle in the development of Alzheimer’s and are there life changes one can do to mitigate the onset or avoid the disease entirely?

Services for Caregivers and Families

What services are there for family, friends, caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients and what are some of the common issues that they raise. How can the Alzheimer’s Association be of service to them?

Outreach for Speakers of Languages Other Than English

Are there services or sources of information and support for the members of language communities other than English? Father William Hinrichs, priest for the monthly Spanish Mass at Albany NY Episcopal Cathedral of All Saints, has, for example, given a Spanish language presentation to a well attended gathering there. Are there presenters trained in other languages and HOW can one arrange for a presentation to a particular group?

The Role of Music Therapy

(submitted by a listener in Albany, New York)

What is the newest research about Music Therapy in the treatment of Alzheimer’s? When my mother was in a nursing home and no longer conversant, I took her to a Music Evening and was astounded that she sang along with happiness and knew all the lyrics to the songs from her generation.

At end of the segment Mr. Roche reads an inspiring message from HRH Prince Gharios El Chemor of the Ghassanids, and even mentions the fate of HIH Anastasia Nicholaevna Romanov, Grand Duchess of Russia, as to understand her true destiny one must filter out misinformation, disinformation, and non fact based narratives to arrive at a more reliable grasp of her historical legacy, as one must also with COVID19.

Interview on WGXC.ORG with Froebel Gallery artist, Barbara Green

Host Garrett Roche of the Monday Morning Show on WGXC (90.7 FM) ( in Hudson, NY-USA) welcomed Froebel Gallery artist, Barbara Green, nee Kur/Korr, author J (Johannes) Froebel-Parker, to talk about Barbara’s illustrious career.

LINK: (Begins at 1:17:46)


She was fortunate to know boxer, Mike Tyson, trainer Cus D’Amato and later Kevin Rooney. She explains these Catskill, New York-USA experiences in the archive above.

Barbara’s segment was preceded by Austin, Texas broadcast personality, Armando Camina (Hope, Faith and Dreams Foundation:) and Delia Rey Rabago, authoress of THE UNEXPECTED JOURNEY from Austin, Texas, who called in with words of encouragement.


Mike Famoso, SEO Specialist at Webs Unweaved,  was also in the studio and had been a guest in the previous program segment.

Barbara’s collection of Romanov princesses, which includes a life size portrait of an adult HIH Anastasia Nicholaevna Romanov, Grand Duchess of Russia, HRH Maria Pavlovna Romanov, Grand Duchess von Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach, and HSH Princess Ekaterina Ivanovna Konstantinova Romanov, continues to grow. She is currently painting a major piece which will include Catherine the Great and Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna Romanov.

(HIH Anastasia Nicholaevna Romanov as an adult based on Froebel-Parker’s ANASTASIA AGAIN: The Hidden Secret of the Romanovs and on 2D/3D face recognition analyses by Bob Schmitt, founder of Biometrica, Inc.)

Before the Romanov portraits were created, Barbara painted Mike Tyson having studied him in the gym in Catskill, New York. Her work was once included in an HBO special about Mike.

Her Judaica work includes a series on the Holocaust using the metaphor of a macabre circus, DER ZIRKUS BEGINNT, which was shown in Froebel Gallery at that time located on Lark Street, Albany, NY, an exhibition visited by then NYS First Lady, Mathilda Cuomo, who brought a group of high school students she was then mentoring.

For commissions and information about Barbara Green, nee Kur/Korr, please contact the gallery at

HRH Prince Gharios el Chemor on WGXC.ORG (90.7 FM in Hudson, NY)

Prince+Gharius+El+Chemor+axUIaCQo6osm(HRH  Alnuman Gharios El Chemor, Prince of the Ghassanids)


Prince Gharios of the Ghassanids appeared as a guest for the third time on WGXC Monday Morning Show with host, Garrett Roche, Monday 3 February, 2020. He spoke of the work of the organization In Defense of Christians, the history of his family in the Middle East, and the various Christian denominations  in that area. He received a question from a student of Mr. J (Johannes) Froebel-Parker in adult English as a New Language Class which was read by Mr. Roche after being text messaged in to the studio. A question about Orthodoxy, posed by Froebel-Parker via a question submitted to Mr. Roche, mentioned the case of aka “Evgenia Smetisko”/Anastasia Romanov buried in a Russian Orthodox Monastery near the New York State Capital District with the royal date of birth inscribed on her grave cross. Further guest appearances will be planned. The interview with His Royal Highness begins at 1:22:35 in the archive:

WGXC RADIO Discussion of Anastasia Romanov and Visual Face Recognition

(photo: Bob Schmitt on the History Channel describing his analysis of photos of a young Jesse James and a then 90 year old man whose family claimed that he had been Jesse, living under an assumed name; a fact which inspired author Froebel-Parker to contact Mr. Schmitt with an inquiry to do the same with aka “Evgenia Smetisko”/Anastasia Romanov.)


   WGXC.ORG (90.7 FM, Hudson, New York) on Monday 20 January 2020 was the venue for an in-depth discussion and interview with the widow of Mr. Bob Schmitt, an expert in visual face recognition, whose 2D/3D analyses were instrumental in determining the true identity of aka “Evgenia Smetisko” as Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicholaevna Romanov, buried now, perhaps temporarily, in an upstate New York Russian Orthodox Monastery.
   Mrs. Schmitt delves into Bob’s role in the development of technology of biometric visual face recognition. In addition to Anastasia Romanov, Mrs. Schmitt, describes her husband’s role in authenticating the oldest known image of a young Abraham Lincoln while detailing the case of Jesse James, who seems to have also avoided the grave, living under an assumed name in plain sight, much as aka “Evgenia Smetisko” did until her death in 1997.
   Froebel Gallery artist, Barbara Green, nee Kur/Korr, sent in a statement detailing how the study of Mr. Schmitt’s 2D and 3D analyses had changed her from a skeptic into a believer that Anastasia Romanov had survived living under the guise of “Evgenia Smetisko/Eugenia Smith.” From the study of these analyses and historical photos of the young Russian grand duchess, Mrs. Green was inspired to paint a monumental portrait of HIH Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicholaevna Romanov, as an adult in court costume.
(Photo by Paul Grondahl: Mrs. Barbara Green, nee Kur/Korr, in front of her portrait of HIH Anastasia Nicholaevna Romanov in historic 198 Central Avenue, Albany, New York-USA, formerly Boulevard Cafe, now El Patron Restaurant, where scenes of Dr. William Kennedy’s IRONWEED with Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep were filmed.)
   Mrs. Schmitt appeared via Skype on the Monday Morning Show with host, Garrett Roche, the author J (Johannes) Froebel-Parker, and invited guests Patrice Maynard, a Montessori educator, and Ms. Victoria Signorelli, research assistant.
Broadcast begins at 0:41:30 until program ends at 2:00:00

Plight of Middle Eastern Christians: an Interview with HIRH Prince Gharios el-Chemor


From the moment of Christ’s resurrection creating awe among the disciples and the myrrh-bearing women there have been Christian believers in the Middle East. Ancient Christian enclaves could be found in Ethiopia, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon et al. These all predate the advent of Islam the leaders of which exacted conversion by force or by jizya, a tax on non-Muslims which had to be paid if they wanted to maintain their non-Islamic religions. This economic stress caused countless Christians and Jews to either migrate or acquiesce to the new brand of Mohammedan monotheism.

His Imperial and Royal Highness, HRH Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan Al-Numan VIII, of the ancient Christian Ghassanid kingdom with its current base in Lebanon, returned for a second interview with host Garrett Roche, author, J (Johannes) Froebel-Parker, and Montessori educator, Patrice Maynard, on Monday, December 2, 2019 on The Monday Morning Show at (90.7 FM,  Hudson NY-USA). The Ghassan family, with its ancient roots in Yemen, Prince Gharios explained, migrated with many Christians into the mountains of Lebanon where they found refuge with other believers who were unwilling to embrace the new Islamic religion.

He explains in detail the historical challenge to maintain the Christian faith in the interview which begins at 1:10:40 in the archive:

Among other highlights in the interview he urged the audience to review the webpage of One Voice For Christians, an organization with which the House of Ghassan collaborates: There one can learn more about the ongoing efforts to bolster the rights of Christians in Middle Eastern countries where they are in the  minority.

Mr. Froebel-Parker and Mrs. Maynard were not able to make it in to the studio for the interview due to the weather conditions caused by winter storm Ezekiel which closed many regional schools for two days in a row. Froebel-Parker sent in questions which were read to the prince, while Patrice Maynard was able to call in. Host, Mr. Roche, extended an invitation for Prince Gharios to return for another visit whenever his schedule allows.

For more about Prince Gharios’ activities one can visit his website:

A documentary about the Royal House of Ghassan is viewable on YouTube:

HRH Prince Gharios El Chemor To Be Interviewed 2 December, 2019


HRH Prince Alnuman Gharios El Chemor of the House of Ghassan will be a guest on the Monday Morning Show on (90.7 FM in Hudson, NY), 9:30 AM with host, Garrett Roche, author, J (Johannes) Froebel-Parker, and Montessori educator, Patrice Maynard. The prince of the ancient Christian kingdom which encompassed territory in what is now the modern Middle East will follow up on a previous debut in October. The public is urged to call in: Call-in Line · (518) 828-0290

His Royal Highness urges readers to view a video documentary about the Ghassanids:

Anastasia Romanov: Visuel Ansigtsgenkendelse

I mange år efter at have hørt om tilfældet med alias “Evgenia Smetisko”, klager på titlen storhertuginde Anastasia Nicholaevna Romanov, fra præster ved Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Monastery (ROCOR) nær Utica, New York-USA, var jeg sikker på at damen, ofte omtalt som “vrangforestillinger”, fortællede sandheden.
Hendes grav bærer ikke fødselsdatoen i 1899 synlig på alle Evgenias dokumenter, indvandringsregister og skibmanifester. Det snarere snarere at den af ​​den yngste datter af tsar Nicholas II og kejserinde Alexandra Feodorovna, nej von von Hessen und bei Rhein.
I årevis af samtaler havde jeg hørt, at den elskede tutor, Charles “Sydney” Gibbes, havde mødt hende på forskellige tidspunkter i Storbritannien, hvor han var flygtet fra den bolsjevikiske revolution, overlevede og konverterede til ortodoksi for at blive en munk, fader Nicolai.
Hvorfor havde han, som jeg havde lært, sørget for, at hun, id est alias “Evgenia,” ville modtage hans historisk uvurderlige Romanov-samling ved sin død? Hvordan samlede hun sådan formue, der var synlig i en rapport fra Rhode Island fra Ikke-for-profit-organisationer, der noterede hendes St. Nicholas House Foundation med aktiver over 50 millioner dollars.
Hendes ydmyghed, hendes kontinuerlige insistering, som jeg senere havde lært på en forskningstur til Newport, Rhode Island, hvor hun havde boet sine sidste år, at hun faktisk var Anastasia, pegede alle på en oprigtig kvinde, der som oftere det ikke, spottede og spottet eller tolereret som “i hendes egen verden, men uskyldig.”
Derefter og stadig tænkte jeg dagligt på disse “Denkanstosse” (drivkraft på tysk), da jeg tilfældigvis så Historikskanalen og en fascinerende historie om den berømte amerikanske forbud, Jesse James. Mr. Bob Schmitt blev interviewet ved hjælp af sin teknologi til at teste hypotesen, antydet af medlemmer af James-familien, om at Jesse IKKE var død, da det blev rapporteret, at han havde gjort det, og at han havde levet ind i halvtredserne.
Fotos af den gamle mand og den unge James flimrede hen over skærmen i en 2D-analyse ved hjælp af Schmitt’s teknologi. Hvis det kunne bruges til Jesse James, kunne det da ikke være lige så relevant for Anastasia Romanov?
Derefter begyndte jeg korrespondance med skaberen af ​​Visual Face Technology, Mr. Bob Schmitt, om min hypotese om, at alias “Evgenia Smetisko” virkelig fortalte sandheden, at hun var storhertuginde Anastasia Romanov. Senere i 2014 kontaktede han mig med 2D-beviser for, at ansigterne til impostresses ikke var sammenhængende, men at “Evgenia’s” VAR. Han forsikrede mig om, at 3D-undersøgelser, der snart blev afsløret, sandsynligvis ville underbygge fundene. Se videoen, og føl dig fri til at kommentere.

Russiske ambassader i USA, UK og Danmark er opmærksomme på det som den amerikanske ambassade i Moskva, medlemmer af Romanov-familien såvel som den russiske ortodokse kirke uden for Rusland.
Fortsæt med at følge denne historie!

Anastasia Romanov: Visual Face Recognition

For many years after having learned of the case of aka “Evgenia Smetisko,” claimant to the title of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicholaevna Romanov, from clerics at the Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Monastery (ROCOR) near Utica, New York-USA, I was sure that the lady, oft referred to as “delusional,” was telling the truth.

Her tomb did not bear the date of birth in 1899 visible on all of Evgenia’s documents, immigration records and ship manifests. Rather it sported that of the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, nee von Hessen und bei Rhein.

Over years of conversations I had learned that beloved tutor, Charles “Sydney” Gibbes, had met with her at various times in Great Britain where he had fled the Bolshevik Revolution, survived and had converted to Orthodoxy to become a monk, Father Nicolai.

Why had he, as I had learned, made sure that she, id est aka “Evgenia,” would receive his historically priceless Romanov Collection at his death? How did she amass such wealth that was visible on a Rhode Island report of Not-for-profit organizations which listed her St. Nicholas House Foundation with assets of over 50 million dollars.

Her humility, her continual insistence, as I had learned later on a research trip to Newport, Rhode Island where she had lived her last years, that she was, indeed, Anastasia, all pointed to a sincere woman who as more often that not, scoffed at and derided or tolerated as “in her own world but innocuous.”

Daily then, and still, I pondered these “Denkanstosse” (impetus for thought in German) when I happened to be watching The History Channel and a fascinating story about famed American outlaw, Jesse James. Mr. Bob Schmitt was interviewed using his technology to test the hypothesis, suggested by members of the James family, that Jesse had NOT died when he was reported to have done, and that he had lived into his nineties.

Photos of the old man and the young James flickered across the screen in a 2D analysis using Schmitt’s technology. If it could be used for Jesse James, could it not be equally as applicable to Anastasia Romanov?

I  then began correspondence with creator of Visual Face Technology, Mr. Bob Schmitt, about my hypothesis that aka “Evgenia Smetisko” was truly telling the truth that she was Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov. Later in 2014 he contacted me with 2D evidence that the faces of impostresses were NOT MATCHING up, but that “Evgenia’s” WAS. He assured me that soon to be revealed 3D studies would most probably substantiate the findings. View the video and feel free to comment.


Russian Embassies in USA, UK, and Denmark are aware as is the US Embassy in Moscow, members of the Romanov Family,  as well as the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

Continue to follow this story!

Læsning (engelsk) 1963 Transkript af møde mellem Evgenia Smetisko / Anastasia Romanov & KGB-afhopperen Michael Goleniewski


WGXC.ORG (90,7 FM i Hudson, New York) udsendte en læsning af transkriptionen af ​​et møde i 1963 på kontorer for udgiveren Robert Speller Sr mellem alias Evgenia Smetisko / Anastasia Romanov og den berømte polske efterretningsofficer / KGB-defektor, Michael Goleniewski. Tapet af grundlæggeren af ​​CIA-polygravens løgnedetektorenhed, Mr. Grover “Cleve” Backster, blev det indspillede møde sendt til justitsministeriet efter Smetisko / Romanovs anmodning.Goleniewski, der fraflyttede til USA efter at have afsløret velkendte dobbeltagenter i de britiske og amerikanske efterretningsbureauer, havde endnu ikke afsløret sin sande identitet med Evgenia / Anastasia eller Speller-familien, da han anmodede om og fik et møde med kvinden der indtil hendes død hævdede at være den yngste storhertuginde af Rusland. Han præsenterer sig selv som ”Mr. Borg ”og fremkalder følelsesmæssige svar fra Smetisko / Romanov, der er begravet af den russiske ortodokse kirke uden for Rusland (ROCOR) med datoen for storhertuginde Anastasia (18. juni 1901) på hendes gravkors.“Borg” hævder at være Anastasias bror, Alexei, når han samtaler med Evgenia / Anastasia. Hun ser ud til at indikere, at hun kun accepterer hans identitet for senere at distancere sig fra den. Transkriptlæsere, fru Patrice Maynard (Anastasia), Victoria Signorelli (transkriptnoter), Garrett Roche (Borg), Robert Martin (Mr. Speller) og forfatter af Anastasia Again, The Hidden Secret of the Romanovs, J (Johannes) Froebel-Parker diskuterede senere sin motivation, hendes reaktioner og hvad der måske er et symbolsk skuespil inden for et teaterstykke, hvor “Borg’s” ruse bliver ansat for at informere Evgenia / Anastasia om hemmeligheder, han kender som en tidligere KGB-agent.Selvom visuelle ansigtsgenkendelsesanalyser tydeligt indikerer, at Goleniewski IKKE var Alexei, angiver 2D omend 3D-analyser (mange tak til Mr. Bob Schmitt på, at alias Evgenia var et nyttigt pseudonym for den autentiske storhertuginde Anastasia Romanov, der derefter levede ganske sundt i USA.Radiodramaet og den efterfølgende diskussion begynder 0:30:00 i arkivet fra